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The Good, Bad and Butt Ugly: 6 Personal Branding Lessons Learned from President Trump

personal branding lessons

In today’s “me” economy, personal branding has become all-important. Want to become known as a thought leader? Want your next gig to find you?

Then you must learn a few solid personal branding lessons…   

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Young Pros: How to Ask for Your First Raise

first raise

If you entered the workforce after 2008, your entire professional life has been in the shadow of the Great Recession.   

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10 Life Changing Books for Young Professionals


In this sped-up, technology-based world, career advisors speak often about how to quickly develop as a professional through online self-learning. But there’s something about reading a book offline, where the author has the time and space to go deeper on important issues, that brings another level of clarity to the reader. With that in mind, the YouTern team put together a list of life changing books for young professionals. These books made a significant impact on our professional outlook and careers. Perhaps they’ll do the same for you… 1. In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best Run Companies It is never   

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The Comparison Chasm (or “No, You DON’T Want to Be Like Zuck”)

The Comparison Chasm (or “No, You DON’T Want to Be Like Zuck”)

Social media influences many aspects of our lives. If you’re a savvy user of social networks and online learning, you now have avenues into new opportunities that, until we entered the Social Age, never existed before.

And yet there’s an enormous amount of pressure to be successful in this innovative environment…   

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The Company We Keep: How to Find Success by Association

success by association

If we can be found guilty by association, can we find success the same way?

By hanging out with the “cool kids” on social media, can we raise our own stock value?

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Beyond Simple Networking: 5 Ways Social Helps Build a Personal Brand

Build a personal brand

Is there more to social media than just networking? Can social media really help me build a personal brand? Will social help me find and maintain a fulfilling career?

The answer to all of those questions is… yes!   

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