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How to Effectively Maintain Your Job Search Motivation

job search motivation

I have observed countless job seekers for over a decade, and I have carefully observed the emotional roller-coaster of the job search. I have come to the conclusion that the key to motivation is “hope.” That said, it begs the question, how do we get some? How do we maintain it?   

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Resume Review: Making the Most of Your Eight Seconds to Shine

resume review

Jobseekers are quick to show their disdain whenever a recruiter or blogger mentions the eight second resume review. You know, the average time an employer spends scanning your resume.

Of course they’re frustrated. After all, many (not all) jobseekers take a lot of time and care to get their resume just right…   

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What’s Your Job Search Killer: Strategy or Messaging?

strategy or messaging killing your job search

Is there a fundamental issue with your messaging? Or is the problem with your job search strategy?

The likely answer: your job search killer is probably… both.   

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The Right Way to Follow up with a Potential Employer

Dont Forget to Follow Up

  In a job search, following up with a potential employer can be one of the greatest challenges. Most jobseekers anguish over the timing and the frequency of checking in with recruiters, human resource professionals, and managers. Unfortunately, many job seekers resort to leaving numerous phone messages and sending multiple emails. The result: their attempt to show diligence paints them in the corner as a pest. Here are some guidelines and tips to help you respond appropriately and with less mental traffic! When Working Directly with a Decision Maker When you applied to a position and received an email response   

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After You Hit Send: What REALLY Happens to Your Resume?

What Happens Now

What really happens after you’ve submitted your résumé? What steps does the employer go through? What exactly is the employer looking for?

Finally, how does the employer decide whether or not your résumé ends up in the trash pin or the “must interview pile?   

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Let’s Cut Your Job Search Time in Half (Part Two)

in half

In Part One of this post yesterday, we asked you to consider eight questions from both the applicant side and the recruiter side of a job opportunity. Our goal: to help determine: is there is a mutually-beneficial match?

In most cases, as frustrating as it may be to hear, there is not a match…   

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