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100 Job Interview Questions You Must Be Able to Answer


t is impossible to say for sure which questions you’ll be asked in a job interview. Since every interviewer and company are different, the possibilities are endless. That, of course, means you need to be prepared for anything, and everything.

Below, we share a long (long!) list of the most common job interview questions, broken down by situation. You can be sure some, perhaps many, of them will be asked. To nail the interview, though, you better have a convincing answer for all of them…   

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How to Use the 4 Major Social Networks to Get Your Dream Job

Job Seekers and the Four Major Social Networks

For quite some time, social media has been a major force in the daily life of the 21st Century job seeker. But which networks are the most productive? What should a job seeker do on each to get the biggest bang for their digital buck?

Here are specific tips to help you harness the power of each of the 4 major social media platforms… and get your dream job.   

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