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7 Ways to Really Impress a Recruiter with Your Resume

Cynical Recruiter

Having been one, I know this for a fact: Recruiters are a cynical bunch! Having spent a large portion of their professional lives reading resumes, they have seen every trick in the book.

And this makes them extremely hard to impress…   

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Are You Still Making These 5 Mistakes on LinkedIn?

If you have a LinkedIn account, you might think you’re all set on the platform used most by recruiters to find both active and passive candidates…

But most of of you are not. Statistically speaking, you are making these five mistakes on your profile that make it far more difficult to be found by a potential employer…   

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Testimonials: The Resume Writing Hack that Wins Job Interviews!


Have you noticed how often you see testimonials used in advertisements?

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to buy something new, I go online to read reviews. I don’t want to know what the company says – I want to know what customers think about it.

Reference quotes on your resume do the same for you!

If you add positive quotes about your work to your resume, you show recruiters someone else thinks highly of you. Quotes also convincingly convey your personality and work ethic.   

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5 Ways to Write a Resume with Immediate Impact


Everyone tells you how important it is to make a strong first impression with your resume … “you only have a few seconds” goes the standard advice.

And it’s true. Many employers get hundreds of resumes for their positions which means it’s vital to make an impression from the very beginning of your resume.

But how do you actually do that?   

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That’s Interesting! Now Remove it From Your Resume


Every now and then, I work with a client who truly believes all their experiences are equally valuable in getting their next job. Sometimes, it’s hard for this person to accept that the year they taught scuba diving won’t help them in their search for a marketing job. Perhaps it should be relevant, but to a recruiter, it’s not.

Recruiters are looking for people with a straightforward career chronology that perfectly matches the job they’ve posted. So how do you show recruiters you have what they want?   

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The One Change You MUST Make to Your Resume, Now


Does your resume start with an objective statement? Or a description of what you’re looking for in your next job?

If so, ask yourself why.

Is the resume objective simply there because that’s what you’ve seen other people do?

In truth most people start with a resume objective for this reason – they’ve seen it on other resumes and they feel it’s what they should do. But what most job seekers don’t realize is the resume objective is killing their response rate.   

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