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10 Proven Tactics for Getting Your Next Promotion Faster

next promotion

When the opportunity presents itself, you must know how to make sure you don’t get overlooked for your next promotion.

The 10 tips featured here will put you on a path to getting your next promotion faster…   

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8 Essential Steps to Effective Job Interview Follow Up

job interview follow up

You finally get a chance to interview with key decision makers with the company of your dreams. Are you ready to make the right moves before, during and after the interview? Are you ready to provide the perfect job interview follow up?

Exceptional candidates know effective job interview follow up continues well after the interview!   

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How to Write a Tailored Resume That Wins Job Interviews

tailored resume

Tailoring your resume to the specific type of position you are applying for is one of the most important things you will need to do for your job search. When your resume is broad and unfocused, you will likely be overlooked every time (sorry!). Customizing a tailored resume will not only get the attention of any hiring manager, but it will increase your odds of being called for the interview.   

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7 Quick and Easy Tips For Writing Attention Getting Emails

attention getting emails

When you are in a job search, your emails usually ask the recipient to take some sort of action: look at your qualifications for a job, request an informational meeting, follow-up on an interview or application. In all these instances, you are “selling” your email recipient on the benefits of taking the action. Here are seven best practices gleaned from sales and marketing professionals that will increase the likelihood that your emails are attention getting emails that demand a response.   

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3 Reasons Recruiters Don’t Bother to Call You Back

executive recruiters

To have an effective relationship with an executive recruiter, it is important to understand the business’s business model and the role you play as a potential candidate. Job seekers that fail to recognize ‘how it works’ with executive recruiters, often find themselves frustrated and unrepresented.   

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Achievement-Based Resume: Make Yourself Look Marvelous!

Achievement-based Resume

What is the biggest mistake job seekers make on their resume today?

They talk about what the tasks they performed instead of writing an achievement-based resume that demonstrates performance and results…   

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