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5 Reasons New Grads Should Target Specific Employers

target specific employers

Feeling lost in the job search? All those applications you’re submitting online are generating interest?

Try a different approach: use proven marketing techniques to target specific employers.   

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Targeting Employers Made Easy with Three Simple Strategies

targeting employers

Targeting employers means you’ve identified who you are, what you’re good at, what problems you can solve for employers who need the help you have to offer. Then, once you’ve identified where those employers are in the world, you go after them.   

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Career Confidence: 5 Ways Recent Grads Can Survive an Extended Job Search

career confidence

For recent grads, the job search may be a mid to long-term proposition. Over time, your career confidence may be challenged.

By keeping these five ideas in mind, however, you can make progress… without getting worn down.   

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Great Interview Delivery: Six Steps From the Classroom to Your Career

great interview delivery

Give yourself the best shot at leaving a great impression. Practice a great interview delivery.

Here are 6 steps you can take to do that…   

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Recent Graduates: Your Job Search Doesn’t Have to be Overwhelming

recent graduates

Many recent graduates may have noticed that being out of school can be challenging because it’s hard to get momentum for a job search. It may feel a bit overwhelming.

Take a look at the ideas below and see how recent graduates, or soon to be recent grads, can sharpen their approach…   

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8 Ways to Gain Workplace Support for Your Great Ideas


Do you know someone who, no matter what the situation, always manages to find the deepest, darkest, or most negative perspective? It probably won’t surprise you to find any number of these, at any age, in the workplace. As a younger employee, you might come up with new and exciting ideas that are greeted with comments like these:  that’ll never work, it will be a colossal failure, it will never be approved, it’ll take too much time, we already tried that. Or the all time favorite: we’ve never done it that way. I’m not talking about the well thought out business objection here. I’m   

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