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Why Lessons Learned from Failure Remain Vital for Young Pros


I recently read an interview with Sarah Blakely, the founder of Spanx. She said the greatest piece of advice she received came in the form of a question from her father: “What did you fail at today?”

As I read that, light bulbs went off in my head. What had I failed at recently?   

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A Millennial Perspective: Is College Worth It?

Student Loan Debt

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I’m sure you’ve been asked this question, perhaps several thousand times. The answer for me changed from Dallas Cowboy cheerleader at age 3, to architect at 11, to PR specialist at 18, to Social Media Consultant at 23. But I can tell you something I never wanted to be: $55,000 in debt from student loans and living at home with my parents at 26. Yet this is my reality. I’m a Social Media Manager now, so I have achieved part of my dream, but I am saddled with the debt   

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For College and Life: 5 Secrets to Mastering Time Management

Time Management

Sleep, good grades or a social life. I was told you were allowed to pick two in college. But wait, what about an internship? Or a job?

Now which two are you supposed to pick? The biggest challenge most college students say they have is a lack of time to do everything. I have developed a pretty good mastery of time management and would like to share my 5 secrets with you.   

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5 Reasons a Virtual Version of Your Resume is Required

Virtual Resume

It is increasingly difficult to stand out in that stack of resumes piling up on a recruiter’s desk. You are initially just a piece of paper; they don’t know you, other than what’s written on your resume.

Thankfully, however, virtual resumes help you evolve from mere resume… to a really great candidate who must be interviewed.   

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At Some Point, We All Find Ourselves Shoveling Sh*t

Shoveling Your Own Sh*t

Summertime… the time for internships, “big kid” jobs and a rude awakening: you will have to shovel your own kind of sh*t.

As an intern or an entry-level employee, you have a limited amount of professional experience. As such, you may have to do some unpleasant, sometimes menial tasks. I should know; I’ve been there.   

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Quarter Life Crisis… Am I Too Young For This?

Life Preserver

You’re in the middle of the ocean. There’s no land in sight. You could swim in any direction… but are paralyzed by fear.

Welcome to your “quarter life crisis”. I know this feeling all too well; mine started at 22.

I graduated and started working in my field, but I wasn’t happy. I was working toward someone else’s definition of success. After struggling for a while, I figured out how to get through my quarter life crisis. I share my experiences here, so you’ll have some “been there, done that” thoughts to consider if (okay, when) you face your own QLC.


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