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You’re Not THAT Busy (Or, How Not to be a D-bag)


Today we have a serious issue to discuss: how to NOT be a douchebag.

Now, I’m pretty sure we all have the potential to be a douchebag, but I don’t think any of us really set out to be one (“What would you like to be when you grow up, Little Timmy?” “Well…”). But sometimes it just… happens.

Here’s the real problem:

I think our popular culture actually encourages us to be douchebags.   

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How to Network… Without Actually Networking


I admit it: I really hate networking.

The mediocre speakers, the waiting in line with a bunch of strangers to get an ugly laminated nametag, the surprise “sell” at the end, the crummy food, the awkward standing around wondering what everyone else is thinking, the forced mingling…   

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The New Economy: 3 Rules Business Must Follow to Succeed

There are a few principles that companies will have to thoroughly integrate into the way they work if they wish to succeed in the new economy. All organizations in the new economy must be:

1. Connected
2. Human, and
3. Meaningful

Anything you can do to align the human systems of your company to operate more in these ways will help it thrive in the new world.   

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Businesses Need Collaborative (Not Competitive) Advantage

It’s time for “competitive advantage” to die. I mean, it’s had a good run. However, it’s time for something better. I’m a competitive person, so I can extol the benefits of a good rivalry as well as the next guy. A little competition isn’t bad, of course — it tends to keep us on our toes, helps us continually improve, pushes our limits, etc. But in business, like many other things, we’ve gone totally overboard. Our competitiveness has gone into overdrive, where many organizations end up harming people and the planet because they see the world as an endless field   

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It’s Time for HR to Die

My industry is falling apart… and I couldn’t be happier about it.


Because it is time for HR to die.

This might sound like something melodramatic or vindictive, but truthfully, it’s neither. Let me explain.   

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Leadership Is Destined To Color Inside The Lines (So Draw Better Lines)

The things we measure are the things that actually matter.

We are built (or at least heavily conditioned) to color inside the lines.

Now, if we think with a victim mentality, this reality is quite depressing. But if we believe that we create the future, it’s rather exciting.


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