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Getting Ahead in Freelancing: Learn to Predict the Future

getting ahead in freelancing

How do you stand out while growing your business? HireOwl’s John Lidington shares some advice on getting ahead freelancing.   

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Freelancer Success Factors: The KPIs You Need to Track


Whether you gain experience while still in college, or set out on a post-graduate freelance career, it’s important to know the freelancer success factors so you know how well you’re doing.

Key performance indicators—or KPIs—are the data points you measure to uncover just that. But if you’re working for yourself, how do you know where to begin?   

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3 Spreadsheets You Need to Organize Your Freelance Career

freelance career

When you first start out on a freelance career, everything seems easy to track.   

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What to Look for in Your Next Student Freelance Job

choosing a student freelance job

There are many reasons to choose one particular freelance job over another. As a student who is already juggling a hefty workload, you want to dedicate your extra time to an experience that will help you out in the long run. That said there are different types of benefits to consider.   

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Internship or Freelance Position: Which is Best for Your Career?

freelance position

Before you near the end of your college years and join the workforce, you’ll likely find many types of temporary opportunities available. In fact, you may need to choose: internship or freelance position. Of course, both internships and freelance opportunities have their benefits. Either of these trial jobs can be the turning points that put you solidly above your competitors when seeking full-time positions. But which path is right for you and your career? The Difference Between an Internship and a Freelance Position Before we dive in, it’s important to note that there is some overlap between interns and freelancers, depending   

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Why Freelance Work Sets You Up for a Fulfilling Career

ready for freelance work

The pressure to land a job immediately upon graduating college—if not before—can be as intense as the pressure experienced during the college-application phase. With the job market as tough as it is, finding a way to stand out is no longer a matter of simply finding the perfect major or knowing the right professors. Instead, employers look for real experience that will give them an idea of the applicant’s culture fit, work ethic and ability to meet expectations. So let your portfolio of freelance work do the talking for you. Take Advantage of the Benefits of Part-time Opportunities As the   

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