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A Great Mentor: Steroids for Your Early Career


Mentoring is an often overlooked resource for young professionals. This is unfortunate because it can provide a huge boost to your early career.

Some young professionals are under the mistaken impression that developing a mentoring relationship is a difficult and formal process – but it doesn’t have to be.

How does one find a mentor? And what attributes should you exhibit that will draw potential mentors to you?   

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Candidates, Do Your Due Diligence: Google Your New Boss

Think about it for a second: you likely spend more time with your co-workers and your boss than you do with your significant other.

You wouldn’t hesitate to Google your dates before you meet them, right? Yet when you start a new job, you don’t apply that same logic to your would-be new boss? Or the founders of the company to which you’re about to commit 40, 50 or 60 hours every week?   

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Recruiters Hire Interns Who Show They’re Ready, Now

Of the hundreds of applications recruiters receive, some are from overachievers. Some others are sent by applicants who clearly think they should be at the next level of their career… but clearly are not ready.

Needless to say, candidates in the latter group don’t get hired. Period.

You can avoid joining this group with some simple attention to detail, and show you really are “ready” to be hired right now.   

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How to Handle “Curve Ball” Job Interview Questions

You finally found a position you really want, and you’re perfect for it!

You’ve also prepared for the interview, nailing down your responses to all the tough questions you expect to be asked.

Then the interview begins – and the questions asked seem to come out of the blue. Instead of nailing the interview, you’re left wondering what happened.

How should you handle unexpected situations like these?   

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Olympic Quality Job Search: Cover Letter Style Points Win Gold

In some of the most popular Olympic sports, competitors are judged on technical and style points. So, too, are candidates for jobs and internships.

Thanks to your college coursework, you’ve developed great technical skills in your chosen field of study – which you’ve highlighted in your resume. So, however, has much of your job search competition. How do you help yourself stand out from the rest of the pack and win gold medal in the form of an internship or job?   

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An Open Letter to Stephen Colbert, Patriot

America’s youth needs you, Stephen Colbert.

With an eye-watering percentage of America’s college graduates either unemployed or under-employed, the American dream will be out of reach for most of an entire generation of young, red-blooded Americans. Without your help, the product of the most esteemed university system in the world will not be able to buy a house in a gated community before the age of 30, drive a foreign car or work for Apple, a company which makes the most insanely great products – overseas.

Awareness of this plight must be raised in the way only you can.   

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