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How Does Your Social Footprint Look to a Recruiter? [Infographic]

In the old days (like 3 or 4 years ago), as recruiters narrowed down a list of candidates, they would walk step-by-step through the best recruiting method available to them: Do a face-to-face interview Check references hand-picked by the candidate Rely partly on instinct, and partly on hope that the candidate was sincere during the interview process Make an largely uninformed hiring decision Ultimately, this process didn’t allow recruiters any objective insight into candidates… other than what they were told. Social media changed all that. And smart job seekers are taking full advantage. Social media gives savvy recruiters and hiring   

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Are You a “Socially Acceptable” Job Seeker? [Infographic]

To gain an advantage in your job search, you must know how and what recruiters think as they evaluate job seekers. In 2013, that means understanding the extensive role social media plays in the recruiting process.

Take a look at this thorough infographic from Jobvite that detaisl how recruiters utilize social media… and then use this information to manage and improve your social media presence. Your goal: become a more “socially acceptable” candidate!   

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Digital First Impressions Make or Break Your Job Search [Infographic]

Job seekers should become aware that 92 percent of companies now extensively employ social media to recruit… specifically Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This means social networking is essential to your job search.

Check out this infographic by Jobvite for all you need to know about a positive social media impression; an online first impression that can get you hired… or not.   

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The Value of an Employee Referral [Infographic]


Traditionally companies drew from the pool of viable applicants on career sites and job boards.

Today, recruiters and employers are utilizing employee referrals to find the most qualified applicants. Your current employees may hold the key to the perfect candidates.

Check out this interesting infographic from Jobvite. It shows how statistically, referred candidates offer several advantages to employers over those who apply through “outside sources.   

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