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3 Steps to a Customized Cover Letter a Recruiter Will Read

Cover Letter

Each job or internship you apply for is different from the last… different job, unique requirements, another company. So, it remains very important to customize every cover letter as you apply!

The hiring manager wants to know you’re not just sending out a generic letter to all employers; in fact, if they sense a “form letter” hiring managers will often immediately delete the application…   

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3 Steps to a Branded Resume That Wins Interviews

Get Your Resume Read

There are a lot of posts about how important it is to “brand your resume” for your job search. The gist of all this is name recognition. You need to set yourself apart so your name stands out in the mind of the hiring manager and you get called for the interview.

How do you really know you’ve created a strong personal brand that’s infused into your resume?

Here are some top indicators that you’ve successfully branded a resume that will get interviews.   

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The 5 Must-have Features That Will Get Your Resume Read

Get Your Resume Read

Your resume has only one purpose – to make a great impression on a hiring manager so you get a job interview. That’s all. And your resume has one shot to do its job.

Here are 5 must-have features to help you create an effective resume that gets read.   

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5 Common Resume Mistakes (and 5 Quick Fixes for Them)

resume mistakes

After reviewing thousands of resumes in my career, I’ve noticed a trend.

Too many job seekers are making the exact same resume mistakes over and over again, many of which hold these job seekers back from getting job interviews.

So, I’m going to share with you the 5 most common resume mistakes I see…   

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The Resume: Your Golden Ticket to Employment (Or Is It?)

Golden Ticket

A professionally written resume is the only tool you need in your job search arsenal.

That’s it … you may return to your regularly scheduled program … thank you!

Seriously though, over the past month, I’ve spoken with clients who make the same two huge job search mistakes:   

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Job Seekers… It’s Time to Get Your Tweet On!

Twitter Job Search

To some job seekers, it’s still not common knowledge that you can job search on Twitter. And it should be.

Twitter, people! Get your tweet on!

Or at least get on Twitter and search for job openings. Did you know there are more searches performed on Twitter every day than on the largest search engine?    

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