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4 Ways to Improve Your Resume While Still in College

College Resume

There’s more to your resume than a GPA and internships. And now is when you can actually start doing things that will help make sure your resume is solid when you leave school.

As you work your way through college this year, keep these four things in mind…   

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How The Best Careerists Build the Perfect Resume


Recently, I’ve been writing about word choice and phrasing, which is incredibly important when writing your resume.

Today, I thought I’d take a step back and address how resumes should be constructed and formatted, because if the format doesn’t appeal to the reader or help your resume past the ATS… words and phrases don’t matter that much…   

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Let’s Sack NFL Quarterback Tom Brady’s College Resumé

Tom Brady Careerist

Mr. Brady, You are SO lucky that Bill Belichick picked you in the sixth round of the 2000 draft, because this resume would not have gotten you anywhere.

It’s okay, Tom, some of us go to the Pro Bowl nine times, and some of us write Pro-Bowl resumes. You can’t have both, that would be unfair. So let’s take on some of the places you went wrong…   

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To Show You’re Qualified for the Job, Quantify Your Resume!


When drafting a resume, the one piece of paper that’s going to convince someone to give you a job based on your concrete accomplishments, instead of writing a paragraph of adjectives to try to describe what you did in a way that is convincing, get rid of all that and just…

Give them a number!   

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