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Why “Tribe” Is The New “Job Security”

The hyper-connection of the globe is having a fascinating effect on the way we approach relationships in the marketplace. It almost seems that the more connectivity we have, the more we become aware of a lack of real, true connection.

At the same time this “tribal redux” is happening in our personal lives, we are also experiencing a transition in business. We are migrating away from old-school hierarchy and full-time structured jobs to the more fluid, organic, and virtual sphere of contract workers.   

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You Can’t Compete With Passion

Some people have it, only a select few know how to communicate or act on it, and most are too afraid to even feel it. For those of you who love being inspired, love inspiring, strive to be the best, know that you have “it” in you – you’re just not sure what “it” is yet – keep reading; this post was written for you. Because people can’t compete with Passion.   

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Successful Networkers Always Ready to “Have a Conversation”

Have you ever turned your nose up at an opportunity? I bet you have. And I bet there are some people who, as they’re reading this, are thinking, “no, I haven’t”; my comment to you is that you probably weren’t aware enough to realize that someone was offering you an opportunity. … I firmly believe that everything is purposeful – when you get asked to speak with someone… the opportunity presents itself – always be willing to have a conversation. You never know where it will lead.   

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Most Important Step in Professional Development – the RIGHT Mentor

What is a mentor and does everyone need one? Knowing who the right mentor is for YOU as well as knowing how to evaluate someone are two key areas I have excelled in and will not only share how I found the “right” people, but also – what I gave up (and would still give up) to work with an excellent mentor moving forward. Who is the right mentor for you?   

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Careers Do Not Belong in a Box

Don’t wrap your career in a box. Don’t look at your career in a vacuum. It’s not static and if your idea of a career is static, you will become static as well. Here’s the truth; if you’re looking for a career, you’re looking for the wrong thing…   

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30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years

People keep asking me, “what does it feel like to turn 30?” and my response, “It feels the same as I felt yesterday”. In looking back over the ‘years’, I realize the reason I feel the same is because I make it a priority to learn and grown every year. People ask what my passion is – my passion is learning – how to better myself both personally and professionally. So, to share some of the “hard learned lessons…” here are 30 things I’ve learned in 30 years:   

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