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Cliche Interview Questions and How to Answer Them Like a Pro

cliche interview questions

It would be nice if job interview questions merely involved being asked about your favorite foods and movies, with the interviewer saying, “I love Happy Feet too! Let me show you to your desk.”

Anything would be better than answering the cliche interview questions interviewers have been asking since clipboards were invented…   

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Do You Know the Industry Specific Skills Required for Your 2017 Job Search?

industry specific skills

With 2017 now in full swing, many job seekers have resumed their job search. But many of them haven’t yet adapted their search to include the skills and keywords required in our global economy.

Rather than learning about new industry specific skills, they are stuck in 2016…   

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How to Adapt to Today’s Many Different Job Interview Settings

job interview settings

Job applicants face many job interview settings today. Each requires a different approach and mindset.

Here’s a look at some of the settings you might encounter during your next interview…   

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A New Year, A New Job Search Plan for 2017

job search plan

Don’t wait until January is almost over to search for jobs! As part of a solid job search plan for the new year, get ahead of the game. And get ahead of the flood of 2017 new year job applications, It’s important to be well-prepared so that you have enough time to research positions and companies, craft solid cover letters and resumes, and take any additional steps necessary to land an interview. Define Your Goals and Expectations To begin your job search plan, figure out what type of job you want. Are you looking to switch to a different position, or   

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Moving On: 6 Reasons You May Change Jobs Before 30

change jobs

When you’re in your late 20s, you finally have perspective on life. You know where you want to go more clearly. At this age, you know if the job, or the career, you picked right out of college is satisfying. If your career is unfulfilling, however, your late 20s are actually an ideal time to change jobs.    

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Resume Words that Will Send You Straight to the “No” Pile

resume words

17% of hiring managers spend an average of 30 seconds looking at a resume before deciding if they’re interested in a candidate. Having too little time to read each one in depth, obvious resume red flags, like an outdated resume format, typos, or too many unmatched fonts, are immediately eliminated. Even those that pass initial scrutiny can still fall prey to one of the most abiding faux pas of resume don’ts: poor diction. By this we mean those hackneyed terms that are ripe for resume retirement. Here, we’ll talk about eight of the resume words nearly every hiring manager hates.   

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