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Empower Your Job Search: Become Known as an Industry Expert

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Employed or not, having a searchable online reputation is the key to a successful social job search and to becoming an industry expert. To do so, you must build a brand that displays a solution-oriented approach and serving a specific need for your employer.

Also a huge plus: becoming known as an expert within your industry…   

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The 4 P’s of a Killer Personal Brand

Both finding a job and climbing the career ladder are all about investing in the business of you. And what does every business have? A brand. As a professional, you are a brand unto yourself.

You’re not the only one looking for a job.

So try developing and marketing your personal brand effectively by using the four Ps of marketing: product, price, promotion, and place. In our scenario, you are the product that’s up for sale:   

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The 4 Most Common Success Factors of Top Job Seekers

I often get asked the same question by job seekers: “What does it take to land a job?”

This rather simple question is somewhat difficult to answer since the possibilities vary by job seeker, location, objectives and quite simply… luck. Here though, we outline some common success factors shared by top job seekers.   

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Why “I’m Willing to Do Anything” Won’t Get You Hired


“I’m willing to do anything for this job.” Does this sound like you in your job search? If you answered yes, it’s time for a reality check.

You may think being willing to do anything will help you appear flexible and willing to learn. It’s more likely, however, you will appear desperate and unqualified.

Here’s why you shouldn’t say you’re “willing to do anything” for a job:   

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Hiring Through Employers’ Eyes: 5 Common Complaints About Job Seekers

Last week, we published Hiring Through Job Seekers’ Eyes: 5 Common Complaints About HR. The post received high levels of feedback from job seekers. There are two sides to every story, however. And the HR professionals who joined the conversation said that the job seekers they encounter aren’t perfect either.

Check out these five things HR would like job seekers to improve, submitted by real HR professionals, and tips for how you can stop making those mistakes.    

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Hiring Through Job Seekers’ Eyes: 5 Common Complaints about HR

As a job seeker you know there are a lot of frustrating nuances about the job search. You examine the hoops you’re expected to jump through just to land an interview and honestly begin to downright dislike the HR industry.

Here are a few of the top complaints job seekers have about HR:    

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