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4 Tips to Help Fine Tune Your Personal Brand

Fine tune

Whether you’re beginning your job search or a seasoned pro, everyone needs to fine tune their personal brand, periodically. So what is this mythical “personal brand”? It’s not something you can touch or smell, but it’s definitely visible to employers.

Still unsure of what your personal brand means? It’s your unique set of experiences, accomplishments, skills, education, attitude, and passion that provide the promise of value to future employers.

Don’t put this off — consider these tips to fine-tune your brand today:   

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10 Guidelines for Awesome Job Search References


Your resume caught the recruiter’s eye. You impressed in the interview. Now comes a last, and often overlooked – but critical – hurdle.

Most employers will ask you to provide personal and / or professional references. You should line up four to six professional references ready to talk about you when you apply for a job.

Since they’re critical to your job search, be prepared to help your references help you by following these 10 guidelines:   

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Movin’ on Up: 5 Tips for Networking in a New City

Manhattan Office Vacancy Rate Drops In Second Quarter

Sometimes, our career brings us new opportunities which require making a big move to a new city. Whether you’re moving for a first job, or starting over in a new industry, moving to a new city comes with a lot of “what if’s.”

Whatever your reasons for moving, networking will be a key factor in creating your new home–both professionally and personally. But how do you even know who to talk to? What if you don’t know anyone in the city?

Don’t worry. Here’s a list of things you should avoid when networking in a new city:   

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Keep Your Credibility: 3 Ways to Blow Up Your Personal Brand


Your personal brand is essential in the job search. It defines you as a candidate and what sets you apart. Most importantly, it builds credibility – something that employers and connections seek in professionals.

However, there are some practices job seekers do that risk losing their brand’s trust. Here’s three ways to lose credibility in your personal brand:   

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Get the Interview: Craft the Perfect Resume

Perfect Resume

Resumes are all about you. However, what job seekers tend to overlook is that they should be focused on you from an employer’s perspective.

A perfect resume seems like an impossible order to fill, but there are ways to communicate your case for the job within a few seconds and on one document. The key is to show your accomplishments and results, rather than job duties.

Consider these tips below on how to craft your resume to get the recruiter’s attention:   

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The Social Media Job Search: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself


Okay, so everybody knows we’re using social media more than ever to job search. But how many are doing it right?

In order to use online social networking to effectively find a job, there are several tools and tricks to abide by during the online job search made simple, by Web 2.0…

First, ask yourself a few questions about your social media presence and your online social networking habits and practices…   

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