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How to Get Your First Great Job (Resume Not Required)


There is almost nothing as demoralizing as the online job hunt.

When I graduated college at the top of my class I thought companies would be fighting each other to have my brilliance and potential in their office. Instead, I found myself interviewing to be a future payroll specialist, medical sales rep, dog food saleswoman, and theme park character.

And within three years I went from working for ten dollars an hour to working from home, speaking around the country, consulting with companies at which I’d once dreamed of being employed, hosting a television show, and getting half a dozen job offers (including one to be a CEO of a well-known non-profit).   

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The 1-Question “Will I Be Successful?” Quiz

1 Question Quiz

I developed a 1-question quiz to predict whether or not you will be successful at whatever you do. Are you ready? Okay, let’s go. Agree or Disagree: “How good you are in the beginning is no indicator of how good you can become.” – Astronaut Mark Kelly Got your answer? Good… here’s the answer key: If you said Agree: you are going to be successful!! Woo hoo. Do a little dance. If you said Disagree:. well…this is awkward…. ;( I have to give all the credit to Mark Kelly who I heard say this yesterday at the American Association of Community   

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Want to Reach the Top 1%? Adopt this Simple Habit

Success Baby

“Formal education gets you a job, self education gets you rich.” – Jim Rohn

As you know, I’m kind of a big fan of formal education. However, a college degree alone is not enough. Those who succeed are always learning.

Self-education is a habit, and the earlier you start the more successful you will be. Period.   

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Employers Are Watching: Can You Be Yourself on Social Media?

Recruiters Are Using Social Media

A student recently asked the following question: “I want to ask you about incorporating personal branding with social media. I have ALWAYS used social media to vent… but if that makes you less favorable in the eyes of employers, it seems there is no longer a medium in which we can post semi-inappropriate statuses, or share our actual thoughts in the moment. What I’m really asking for is advice on finding that balance. How do you do it?” Here is what I said: Personal branding and your online persona go hand in hand, but you are right: it requires balance.   

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Quickest Way to a Good First Impression: Unsolicited Positive Feedback

Bad first impression

I recently heard a speaker say it takes fifteen good impressions to fix one bad first impression.

I don’t know about you, but I believe that 100%.

And recently I have noticed this one thing people do frequently to make a bad first impression. Once you know this, you will start to see it everywhere. The #1 way to make a bad first impression, every time, is to open with:   

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There’s Just Two Simple Steps to Amazing Networking


I just started sharing quick networking tips on Tout, and it’s made me think a lot about networking.

I’ve realized that while there’s always a lot of tips and ideas that can help you figure out who to network with and how to make that first approach, in the end it all boils down to two simple things…   

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