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10 Realistic Professional Goals for the Soon to Graduate

professional goals

Whether you realize it or not, you started your career a few years ago when you first stepped foot on your college campus. From that very moment, you embarked on a journey that would shape the path that lies ahead of you now. Because of this, it’s time for you to continue the journey by creating professional goals that will help you make the leap into the future of your career.   

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Millennial Career Myths: What to Really Expect After College

Millennial Career Myths

According to a new study conducted by Accenture, the expectations of young professionals’ as they enter the working world don’t always align with reality.

Some of those expectations, it’s fair to say, are approaching status as “Millennial career myths.”   

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6 Pros and Cons of Offering College Credit for Internships


Many colleges, by putting a cap on college credits earned for internships or by refusing to offer credits, seem to be throwing up roadblocks for students who want to gain hands-on experience. putting a cap on college credits earned for internships, or refusing to offer credits at all, this is creating a negative impact on students.

But there’s an issue these institutes of higher education don’t seem to be taking into consideration: many employers are still making the earning of college credit mandatory when offering the internship…


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15 Quotes to Inspire You During Your Internship


Everyone needs a little inspiration throughout their career. Inspiration is what keeps us motivated and passionate about what we do.

During your internship, you’re bound to experience some highs and lows. There will be times when you question everything you’ve learned so far and then there will be times when you feel on top of the world…   

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Even Little White Lies Will Hurt Your Career

Job Interview Fail

You find a job description that sounds awesome, only to realize the employer is looking for an intern with years of experience and a long list of skills.

But you want this internship. You need this internship! So what do you do in order to feel more qualified? More competitive? You lie…   

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Will That Unpaid Internship Be Worth It?

Is your unpaid internship worth it

“The purpose of a bona fide internship is to integrate classroom learning with practical skill development in a real-world setting,” Circuit Judge John Walker reportedly stated in a recent article about unpaid internships.

But, what exactly defines an internship experience like this?   

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