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7 Ways You’re Making the Job Search Even Harder


Finding a new job today requires much more creativity and initiative than in the past. Unfortunately, many job seekers are trying to apply what worked in the past in a new set of circumstances. Much (certainly not all) of their delay in landing that next position is self-inflicted; they are making the job search even harder.

In no particular order, here are eight ways job seekers make their job search more difficult than it needs to be…   

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How Job Seekers Can Overcome “Analysis Paralysis”


Too many job seekers accomplish very little from day to day because they believe they have to have everything perfect before they make a call, submit a resume, pursue a job lead, or set a meeting. They get stuck in “Analysis Paralysis”!!! I’m a big believer in great preparation, and many of my articles talk extensively about preparing and practicing thoroughly in order to present yourself as professionally as you can. However, at some point you have to just decide it’s close enough and jump in! Otherwise, you end up achieving little. Some basic realizations can help you put things   

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Job Seekers: LinkedIn Is NOT Facebook


LinkedIn is an outstanding professional networking tool, and invaluable to job seekers. It’s the best place to find, and be found by prospective employers.

While Facebook is primarily a social application, LinkedIn is designed for your professional life. This may seem obvious but there seems to be a disconnect for some people between their profiles and the image they project.

Think of Facebook as your neighborhood barbeque, and LinkedIn as your office or your job interview.

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Do I Really Have to Network to Get a Job?

Networking Fear

Like it or not, we’re in a tough job market. I spoke to someone recently that was downright angry that what they did in the past just doesn’t seem to work anymore. In two previous job searches (in 1998 and 2005), all he had to do was post his resume on the major job boards. He got calls, interviews, and ultimately his new jobs.

Now he posts his resume, applies to dozens of jobs online… and NOTHING!

Different times call for different measures…   

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“We’re Hiring ASAP” is Rarely Soon or Possible

Watching the Clock

One great frustration for job seekers is the time it takes to get feedback, or next steps from potential employers.

Based on their “I need a job now” sense of urgency, they want a first interview today, to lead to second interview… tomorrow. Often, indications from the ad, the initial phone conversation, and from the first interview play into this mindset; the job seeker really believes it when the employer says “We’re hiring as soon as possible”.

Reality: in today’s workplace: hiring is rarely soon or possible. Understanding the issues the employer faces helps to properly set expectations, and reduces stress when you realize that no news is not necessarily bad news…   

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How Recruiters Really Read Your Resume: 7 Steps in 7 Seconds

Job seekers like to believe that when they send a resume to an employer, someone on the receiving end reads the whole document and thinks… “How can we best use this person in our organization?”

Wrong. The reality is that your resume will most likely never be read in its entirety. And the real thought process when reading it is…   

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