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Online Privacy: How to Protect Your Public Reputation

online privacy

What are you doing to protect your online privacy and reputation on social media? What steps or precautions do you take to ensure your social media profiles reflect the best information about you? Whether you are actively or passively job hunting, your reputation on social media is being assessed. So, in order to gain attention and stand out (for the right reasons), carefully consider what you share on social media. Let’s look at JDP’s findings from “How Job Seekers Curate Their Social Presence.” By the way, JDP provides employee background screenings and their study surveyed 2,007 US workers in July   

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Proactive Job Search: How a Sales Funnel Approach Simplifies the Work

sales funnel proactive job search

If you are in a job search, you probably feel overwhelmed. But do you ever wonder what you should do more of? There is such a thing as “burn out” in a job search?  Just as you overworked yourself in your job, so can you over-work yourself in a job search. So I’m not suggesting you work harder. I’m proposing a solution to help you work smarter. You want to run a proactive job search. And you also want to apply your time and energy appropriately and focus on the activities with a higher rate of return. What does this mean you should do more of?   

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How to Use Twitter Simply in Today’s Complicated Job Search

complicated job search

witter has its place in today’s complicated job search. Really, Twitter isn’t stupid if you are following the right people. Who are the right people you might be asking? And what is the purpose of Twitter?   

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Candidate Expectations: How Employees are Influencing the Job Market

candidate expectations

Now in the driver’s seat, job candidate expectations are beginning to influence the hiring process. CareerBuilder’s survey highlight four things employees want in 2019 when exploring new career opportunities. CareerBuilder’s recent survey identifies factors that are important to today’s job candidates. The survey found that only 32% of employees plan to change jobs this year. Though that number is low, it doesn’t mean that employees aren’t looking.   

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Social Networks: The Key to Modern Career Networking

social networks

You may have noticed more companies becoming active on social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Social networks are multifaceted tools being used to create awareness, promote and build relationships!   

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The Two Facebook Secrets Job Seekers Must Hear

facebook secrets

Facebook is still one of the top-used social networks, so it makes sense to use it for your job search. These two tips will help Facebook job seekers tap into the power of this powerful social network!   

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