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Where to Look Online for Remote Work and Side Gigs

remote work

Looking for websites that list remote work and side gigs can be frustrating. Most of the traditional job boards don’t offer an easy way to find these types of opportunities (yet). Finding sites for remote work and ones that only list legitimate part-time, work from home (wfh), or freelancing assignments can be challenging. But this is changing. More employers are open to the idea of remote workers and more workers want to work remotely.   

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A Beginners Guide to Video Conference Calls at Home

video conference calls

Are you new to Zoom meetings or video conference calls? Here’s a checklist of what you need to know to make sure you’re doing it right! While there are a lot of tips for hosting video conference calls, there isn’t much information to help participants. So, that’s why I created this list.   

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How to Create a Job Search Plan During Troubled Times

job search plan

What just happened? We went from a strong job market to one that is very uncertain. It’s caught everyone off-guard and scrambling for a plan. As the Coronavirus spreads across the United States and the world, businesses have been forced to ask their employees to work remotely. Sadly, some are even laying off employees. How does this affect your job search plan?   

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Tell Me About Yourself: A Most Difficult Interview Question

difficulkt interview question

Possibly the most difficult interview question to answer is “Tell Me About Yourself?” But if I asked your co-worker to tell me about you, they could easily rattle off several things. During a job interview, you’ll need to overcome the stage-fright associated with answering the “tell me about yourself” question.   

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Email Tools to Help Empower Your 2020 Job Search

email tools

There are tools you can use that make email more productive during your job search! Yes, email is great for communicating, but it can be so much more. You can find an email tool to help you market yourself and conduct research to help you gain valuable information you’ll want during your hunt for a new job.   

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This Year, Take Control with a Proactive Job Search

proactive job search

So you’ve finally mastered your pitch and your resume is done. Now it’s time to do the really hard work of putting all the pieces together and developing your job search strategy. But not just any job search strategy. You need a job search strategy that includes more than scouring the job boards. You need a proactive job search.   

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