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Job Interview Follow-Up: 5 Tips to Help You Get it Right

interview follow-up

You know how to research companies, tweak your resume and even how to answer tough interview questions.

But do you really know how to get job interview follow-up right?   

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Newbie Knowledge: 6 Things New Job Seekers Must Know

new job seekers

Hey, new job seekers, there are many things you need to know! Landing a new job requires you refresh your job search skills to keep up with the times. 

Take note, and gain some much needed newbie knowledge…   

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8 Things to Consider Before Sending Job Search Emails

job search emails

Every message a potential employer receives from you will form an impression. So when sending job search emails, be aware and alert of the impression you’re making.

After all, first impressions are lasting impressions…   

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Career Beast Mode: Are Your Skills and Networks Job Search Ready?

job search ready

How prepared are you for job search? Are you job search ready? Do you have the skills, confidence, and network to help you to hit the ground running?

After all, 76% of job seekers admit they don’t have the necessary skills for job search…   

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8 Things To Evaluate Before You Say Yes To A Job

evaluate the job

Before you say yes to a job offer there are a lot of things you will want to evaluate! Between networking and the job interview, you should be able to get all your questions answered.

Just don’t wait to find the answers until you are on the job…   

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Networking Success: A Rose by Any Other Name…

networking success

Networking goes by many different names. Some call it connecting, chatting, sharing, learning, or meeting.

Whatever you call it, networking success is about building relationships and sharing information…   

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