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Job Seekers: Do You Have a Personal Career Advisory Board?

job search advisors

Wouldn’t it be great to have a team of people you could reach out to and get help from? By building a strong group of personal job search advisors, you can get advice to help you break down the barriers of job search.   

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How to Find Contacts at the Companies You Want to Work

find contacts

The best job search strategy is to develop a list of target companies (companies you would like to work for) and then find contacts inside those companies.    

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Network Development: 4 Questions That Help Build a Purposeful Network

network development

You’ve heard people telling you to network your way to a new job. But that seems easier said than done. Maybe you don’t have a network or you don’t like to network or perhaps you don’t know how to network. Before you worry about any of this, start with a plan for network development.    

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7 Social Media Strategies to Improve Your Job Search

social media strategies

If you are tired of the same old routine of searching for jobs, applying and then not hearing anything back, you need to try some new social media strategies. Or maybe you will find it easier to just enhance how you use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat to steal the show within your career niche.   

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Career Planning: It’s Never Too Early for Your Future to Begin

career planning

What do you see yourself doing 3-5 years from now? And how will you get there? If you haven’t thought about the answers to these questions, now is a really good time to start career planning.   

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Communication Breakdown: 3 Avoidable Mistakes Job Seekers Make


What you say isn’t always perceived the way you intend. These are three examples of communication mishaps job seekers make.   

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