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SEO and You: The Key to a Successful Social Media Job Search


How well do you understand the impact SEO has on your job search? Did you know that identifying and using the right keywords influences where your resume or information shows up online and elsewhere? This is an overview to help you understand why the concept of SEO is so important for your job search AND your career.   

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Social Media Engagement: How to Meet People and Grow Your Network

social media engagement

Have you ever wondered how you can meet new people especially when you’re unable to attend events? You can engage on social media and grow your network. Social media engagement opens the door to new relationships and all it takes is being human (and a plan).   

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Spice Up Your Old Elevator Pitch for the Contemporary Job Market

elevator pitch

If you have been using the same old elevator pitch (45-second commercial) with the same old results, let’s try something different.   

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Newly Unemployed? Consider These 3 Creative LinkedIn Job Title Options

LinkedIn Job Title

With so many people losing their jobs during the current crisis, you might be wondering how to reflect your current status on LinkedIn. Well, there are several options for listing your LinkedIn job title and employer when unemployed. Your goal is to highlight your qualifications without drawing attention to the fact that you aren’t working. If you’ve recently been laid off, what do you do to your LinkedIn profile?   

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10 Interview Preparation Steps to Help Land Your Dream Job

interview preparation

The interview is scheduled!  You are ecstatic, as well you should be!  But now what?  What about interview preparation? Now that the job interview is scheduled, you can really begin preparing and practicing! You’ve already done some preliminary research on the company, but now it’s time to dig deep.   

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Networking Email Templates: Help Your Network Thrive!

networking email

Getting a response to a networking email can be difficult, especially during a pandemic. These three networking email templates were designed to make it easier for you to craft your message and get a response.

The best time to network is BEFORE a job is posted. You’re more likely to get a response to your request because employees aren’t involved in the hiring process yet. This is even true during a pandemic.   

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