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Internship Prep 101: A Guide for Internship Success


Many students know internships provide real world, hands-on experience before applying for jobs. They know internships help soon-to-be professionals decide if they’ll enjoy working in their chosen major or a particular industry. And, of course, they understand that internships increase the chances of employment after graduation.

If they’ve never interned, though, they may not know how to can gain the most out of their internship experience…   

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5 Things We Must Do While Waiting for Our Job in Shining Armor


Today’s post is about that awkward phase (no, not puberty) between graduation and the time when your job-in-shining-armor sweeps you off your feet!

You all know how tempting it is to just be a bum and live off mom and dad forever, but yeah, not going to happen! So here are a few productive things you can do while waiting for you and your job to make eye contact and fall in love forever and ever and ever…   

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Your First Job Interview: Expectations vs. Reality

The alarm went off; I woke up groggily, wondering why I would schedule an alarm on my day off. Suddenly, I remembered, it was interview day. My first ever interview for a possible job opportunity, which I found through Gradberry. I woke up, a little excited, a little nervous… and very much wanting to go back to sleep. However, I reminded myself about the numerous things on my wish list, ranging from a Ferrari to a Mac Book. I had to cover my own expenses, which meant I needed to earn my own money, which meant I needed a job.   

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Manage Your Manager: Supervisor from Hell Edition

Do you wake up every morning cringing at the idea of having to see/talk to your supervisor?

This is a classic sign that you might be unhappy with your work environment – to which your boss highly contributes.

However, there are definitely effective ways to deal with them, without getting fired.   

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New Gig Checklist: Rock Your First 30 Days

The first few weeks on the job for any new employee can be overwhelming, considering all the introductions, orientation meetings, training sessions and new hire paperwork and administrative tasks. While these are all important, here are six things new hires should do on their own within their first 30 days to set themselves up for success.   

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5 Job Interview Basics Recent Grads Should Know, or Be Forever Unemployed

“Do you have any experience managing projects?”

“You mean like a group project in school? I sure do!”

Believe it or not, that was my genuine answer to the question.

While we fresh grads cannot help things like our lack of experience with work and interviews, it frustrates me to see fresh grads trip up over basic strategies that you don’t need experience or college to have figured out.

I’ll admit that I tripped up plenty too, which is why I put together these 5 rules that’ll get you part-ways through life:   

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