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7 Reasons Your Resume Stinks (And Why Recruiters Never Call)

Your Resume Stinks

I’ve probably read (err, perhaps I should say “perused”) 1,000+ resumes in my time. Some of those resume are good… most really suck.

I’m usually a positive guy, but in this case – based on all the trend mistakes I’ve seen as I built, acquired and grown several businesses and personally hired every employee – I’m going to point out the seven reasons your resume most likely doesn’t pass the smell test…   

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3 Ways to Sell Yourself Into That Dream Job

Sell Your Way into a Dream Job

When searching for jobs, what is the most important career skill you can have? No matter the company or the occupation, the ability to sell yourself is key among all other attributes!

In an interview, you are tasked with convincing a recruiter that you, amid all other applicants, are the best hire, and it takes a certain amount of salesmanship to pull that off…   

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3 Edits That Will Rapidly Improve Your Resume

Instantly Enhance Your Resume

In a recent piece by Jessica Ann Media, “How to Avoid Kitsch in Your Content,” the word “kitsch” was defined as “content that lacks context.” She continued by saying how without discipline and focus “content can become clutter” – an untidy mess.

In your career, creating a resume is akin to content creation. You must undergo a process of sorting through vast amounts of content from the Web of your career, and then present it in a meaningful, organized and impactful way…   

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10 Sure Fire Tips to Help Find Your First (or Next) Job

Find Your First Job

After working hard in college, you’ve now spent the last few weeks first celebrating graduation, and now contemplating reality: it is time to land your first job.

And while there’s never been a more exciting time to enter the workforce, there has also never been a more complicated time to be in the workplace. So like everything else, you need to learn the landscape. These 10 proven tips will not only help you do that… they’ll help you land your first job!   

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Make Your Resume Say More Than “Look, I Have a Degree!”

What Does Your Resume Say

It’s July and you’re all set to graduate this summer and enter the working world. But, although your resume may show you’ve been a star performer academically, when it comes to work experience, it’s looking decidedly thin on the ground. Before you start your job search, here are five ways to make an “experience-lite” resume feel more heavyweight.   

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5 Ways to Earn an Employee Referral… and Get Hired


According to Jobvite, employee referrals get hired faster than candidates from company career sites. In addition, HR professionals rate employee referrals as the No. 1 source for quality hires!

In fact, Jobvite reports that 44 percent of new hires are employee referrals. So how does one take advantage of this hiring trend? Here are five ways to earn an employee referral… and get hired!   

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