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A 7-Day Plan for Landing your Next Job or Internship

Job Offer

The job or internship search can be draining, especially when none of your leads come to fruition. So draining, in fact, you may feel like you lack the motivation to continue.

But, instead of halting your job search entirely, consider taking smaller steps toward achieving your end-goal of landing a great internship or job…   

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The 25 Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance

Pay bills

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be tough in today’s work environment, but some jobs allow for more flexibility than others.

That’s where Glassdoor comes in. Based on employee reviews, they have identified these occupations as the 25 best Jobs for work-life balance…   

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How to Take Your Resume from Entry-level to Next Level

Best Entry Level Employee

After spending a couple years with a company, you decide it’s time for something new. Something challenging. Something more… fun.

You attempt to update your resume with the skills and experience gained during your time as an intern and entry-level employee… and it hits you: there isn’t much to update!   

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4 Things Most Recruiters Say (And What They Really Mean)


Recruiters help organizations find top talent and, if you’re lucky, help put in you in position to land a job.

In other words, they can be great resources during your job search. Unfortunately, however, they aren’t always completely clear when they communicate with candidates…   

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10 Job Interview Questions You Do NOT Have to Answer

Job Interview Questions You Don

During the job interview, employers want to learn everything they possibly can about person on the other side of the table. However, sometimes their questions can cross the line.

Which is why it is important for job seekers to be aware of the questions they can – and cannot – be asked. To avoid becoming a victim of discrimination during a job interview, here are 10 interview questions you don’t have to answer…   

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5 Conclusions That Make Your Cover Letter Scream “Hire Me!”

Always Be Closing

Writing a cover letter pretty much sucks. The content, tone and length all have to be just right. And even when a job seeker gets it just right, there are those who say, “No one reads a cover letter anymore… stop wasting your time!”

Here’s the truth: in many companies, cover letters still count. And they could mean the difference between getting a job interview, and not…   

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