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Connections or Clutter? Build a Quality LinkedIn Network

There are two primary philosophies among LinkedIn users on how to grow their networks: One philosophy is to create an enormous databaase, connecting with everyone as an “open networker”. The second view is to develop deliberate, reciprocal relationships, getting to know each connection.

Have you identified what your purpose is in building your connections? Are you creating a database or developing a network?

Here are three I’s to consider in developing your rich LinkedIn network of like-minded, trusted colleagues:   

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Job Search Like a Sales Person: Find a Job That Doesn’t Exist… Yet

You’ve heard it countless times: With the economic recovery crawling along in the slow lane job seekers need to prepare for a longer than expected search and consider new and innovative ways to differentiate.

Today, job seekers need to focus on looking for jobs that don’t yet exist – a type of prospecting that sales people do all the time.

So, how does one find a job that doesn’t exist? It’s all about working your network to uncover “upcoming opportunities”?   

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Ninja, Nerd or Nut: What Your LinkedIn Headline Says About You

LinkedIn is a powerful online tool for marketing your talents to hiring managers, recruiters, colleagues, and new clients. This community of over 150 million users has an understandable desire to creatively describe and market their unique core competencies and transferable skills in order to be found, screened, and contacted. Every word used in a profile is searchable, so use them wisely.   

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Get Job Interview Ready: Company Research 101

A question was posted on LinkedIn recently asking hiring managers what their pet peeves were when it comes to interviewing job candidates. Over and over again, respondents indicated that their pet peeve is candidates who come to the interview and don’t know anything about the company.

Jobseekers, there is no excuse.

“But I Don’t Know How To Research a Company!” you say? Here’s how:   

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