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Up Close and Too Personal: Leave This OFF Your Resume

A resume serves as a reflection of who you are: it contains your education, your illustrious work experience, various ways to contact you.

But then, a resume should never really reflect who you are: the personal details that make you the fabulous person you are today, but that have no bearing on landing a job.

So whether you’re just starting to apply to jobs for the first time, or are a seasoned job search veteran, here’s a refresher course on what you should never include on your resume:   

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Will You Win the Job Board Lottery?

Recently, a very lucky Iowa resident won an astounding $202 million playing the Powerball lottery. While it isn’t the biggest lottery prize ever, it’s an astounding reward given the very little effort that went into winning it.

Typically, the bigger the prize the more popular the contest; with popularity comes more competition, which in turn decreases your odds of winning.

Like lotteries and sports, job searches are highly competitive…   

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You’re Not a Job Seeker… You’re a Salesperson

While everyone has something to say about what job seekers should do and how they should do it, the best advice comes from the those who do it every day – and guess what – the best advice doesn’t always come from HR.

We’ve all heard it said that looking for work is a full-time job, but what kind of job is it?   

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Your Resume Has Wrinkles: 9 Features That Make Your Resume “Old”

You don’t want to look like a proverbial dinosaur to prospective employers and recruiters. Your resume is a representation of you to a recruiter or prospective employer, so don’t make a first impression that looks old-fashioned and outdated.

Here are the 9 of the biggest red flags that will instantly make your resume appear antiquated:   

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Mine the Hidden Job Market with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more than an online resume. It is more than your modern-day Rolodex. It is a database of user-supplied information waiting for you to tap into it!

You are looking for hidden jobs, which means they aren’t advertised. So how do you find them? You have to work this backwards. Which companies could potentially hire you? Think about competitors, vendors, suppliers, and/or any other company that hires people to do what you want to do. This will require some research, and this is where LinkedIn comes into play!   

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Personal Branding: Who Does Google Say You Are?

Most people have never Googled their own name to see what comes up. Surveys consistently show, however, that over half of all employers will Google a potential new hire. The results can give them confidence to move forward… or concern that may halt the process.

People often think of their online activity as their “private” life. However, the internet is not private and anyone can look up information on anyone they choose. Do you know exactly what Google will tell recruiters about you?   

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