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7 Things We Don’t Learn Before Graduation (But Should)

Before Graduation

Winter term is well under way. Soon, the commencement speeches will begin and caps will be flying through the air. Seniors: that hard-earned degree will finally be yours!

And it won’t be the answer all of life’s mysteries. It won’t solve all your problems. By itself, it won’t even mean a good career, or a good life. Here’s why…   

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You Just Gotta Jump… Like Felix Baumgartner

On October 14, 2012, Felix Baumgartner jumped out of the stratosphere, literally. The daredevil set the world record for longest free fall – and captured the attention of the entire globe.

There’s no need to strap on a Red Bull suit and break the sound barrier to embrace your own bravery and ambition. Young professionals can learn many lessons from Felix’s death-defying adventure… and apply them to their blossoming careers.   

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4 Gen Y Career Lessons from “Gangnam Style”

Hey, sexy lady… “Gangnam Style” has officially gone uber-viral.

The music video broke the Guinness Book of World Records of YouTube views and swept the nation’s media channels. This catchy tune may seem like yet another overnight success. However, the singer, “Psy”, worked hard for many years before Gangnam Style took off – and the video itself took a lot of time, work, and dedication.

It’s fun to watch Psy dance just for a good laugh… but there are also several lessons young careerists can learn from going Gangnam Style.   

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Recent Grads: Embrace Your “Unemployment”

I love watching the show, Dirty Jobs, on the Discovery Channel.

In every episode the show’s host, Mike Rowe, does what he does best – making sure our daily lives run smoothly. Watching Mike work reminds me that sometimes it’s not about the task at hand; it’s about what you learn from that task.

Generation Y has sometimes been called “Generation Jobless” – and the name makes sense to many of us.

Gen Y is doing what we have to do to get by… and we’re complaining the whole time.   

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Build Your Career with a “Real” Education… After Graduation

College towns across the country are buzzing with the excitement of students going back to school.

Many of us already in the workforce, though, aren’t going back to school. And yet… we never stop learning.

No matter what industry we’re in, there’s always more to learn. Trends and information change quickly; if we don’t keep up… we’re left behind. The good news: there are simple ways to learn outside the classroom to keep us a valuable, knowledgeable resource for our company and colleagues. Check out these tips:   

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Millennials: Like the Young Professional You See in The Mirror?

Millennials are feeling the heat of workplace stereotypes, and many of us are fighting back in the form of blog posts and social media.

I wonder, however, if some the more frequently mentioned “negative” Gen Y characteristics might be true, after all. I ask, because many of my peers are unknowingly sabotaging their careers by fitting into these stereotypes… some perfectly.

Take a look at your young professional self in the mirror… Do you see any of these behaviors in the reflection.   

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