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You’re Inside the Intern Ropeline… Work Hard to Stay There


Need another reason to work your butt off to be a great intern?

The next time you feel like complaining a little about your internship, remember that there are a bunch of folks who would leap at that chance to be in your shoes.   

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How Being a Follower Leads to Dream Internships


You’ve found THE place where you’d like to intern – the DREAM internship. Maybe you could even work there someday…

You tell the organization how great you think they are. You tell them how much you know about them. You tell them how passionate you are about the issues they care about…

But, let me ask you… do you follow them?   

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Intern… Are You Just Looking for a Label?

There are two good reasons to do an internship: to get access to special information and/or to network with special people.

Sometimes however, I encounter young professionals who do internships for another reason – a bad reason. They’re just there for the label.

That is, they’re interning not to learn or to network – they just want to be able to list that they were there.   

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Help Not Wanted? The Right Way to Seek Career Advice

If you’re just embarking on your career, especially if you are involved with an internship, you will likely find that LOTS of people want to give you advice.

If somebody is willing to give you their advice, and ESPECIALLY if you seek out their advice – make sure you receive their advice in the right way. Even if you think the things they are telling you are crazy – listen.   

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Taking Internship Risks: Worth the Rewards

During an internship, there are two kinds of surprises…

1) The good kind

2) The bad kind

That is, you can take initiative and give your supervisor a pleasant surprise and make them a raving fan. Or, you can take initiative, overstep your bounds, and do something your supervisor didn’t want done.

I think the opportunity of the former is always worth the risk of the later, and I believe this for a couple of reasons…   

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Are You Ready for Extreme Interning?

When you do an internship, are you prepared to intern… to the extreme?

Financial guru Dave Ramsey often says, “If you live like no one else, pretty soon you’ll be able to live like no one else.” In the personal finance context, he saying that if one lives lean now, one can live large later…   

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