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College Students Surrounded by Relevant Experience

College Experience

Most of us understand it is difficult for students to find work, and the majority of that difficulty may be due to a lack of work experience.

Experience is not the problem, however; never has been. The true challenge lies in a student’s inability to identify where relevant experience comes from… and then sell that experience on a resume, social media profile and during the interview.

Most students believe the only experience that matters is the experience we get from working…   

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So Employers Notice You Later… Work Hard Now

Finding unique ways to stand out among all your job seeking competition is time consuming, and certainly doesn’t guarantee employment… but consistent effort will make all the difference!

You might not see it now, but all those hours dedicated to service or leading others will look great on your resume. Employers know these activities build transferable skills… and that it takes an organized and conscientious individual to achieve outside of school…   

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