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How to Avoid the Worst Job Interview Mistake Ever!

Don’t risk losing an opportunity because of a careless, even lazy, mistake… Use these tips to keep your next job interview mistake free.   

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Twitter for Job Seekers: You Are What You RT

Most job advice experts will tell you that you need to remain professional online; and I completely agree. However, I was recently told that, although I post great content online, my Twitter profile seems too “stiff” because I don’t often post my personal thoughts or show my snarky side.

I didn’t know how to respond to this counsel. Of course I know better than to post inappropriate language or pictures online. But when job hunting, is it better to post impressive and professional content or content that reflects your personality?   

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Thank You Notes: Not Just for Birthdays Anymore

Being the one applicant, out of hundreds, who sent a handwritten note could make a big difference in whether or not you get hired for a position. I’ve even heard of employers holding onto the notes they receive, for years, as a reminder of those who have so impressed them.   

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How Twitter Makes You a Better Writer

From a very young age, I have always enjoyed writing. To me it is almost therapeutic, and comes more naturally than taking a test. I’ve been told that I am a good writer, but in the past two years or so my skills dramatically improved. This is when I discovered Twitter.   

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Your Job Search Secret Weapon: Informational Interviews

So you’ve found your dream company. You’ve spent hours reading their website, blogs, and social media outlets. You want a job at this company so badly that you’ve even had dreams about working there!

You can get an ‘in’ at this company, score some networking contacts and enhance your career, all with one phone call!   

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Your 2012 Job Search… Made Easier

2012 is finally here and like many people, I’ve made a few resolutions for myself. First and foremost, my main goal is to find a job and get my professional career started.

This is a daunting task, but even more stressful when I think to add my internship, full course load and extracurricular activities into the mix.

If you’re a job seeker like me, I’m sure you’re feeling overwhelmed as well. Luckily, your job hunt can be made a little easier if your stick to one main organizational tactic this year.   

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