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10 Questions to Ask BEFORE the Job Interview

10 Questions to Ask Before the Job Interview

There is a ton of advice out there about questions to ask during an interview… and rightly so; asking the right questions can put you way ahead of the job seeking pack.

That is not, however, the first chance you have to impress a potential employer. Other than your resume, cover letter and your LinkedIn profile, when is that chance? When the company calls to schedule an interview!   

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Breathe! 4 Proven Tips to Reduce Pre-interview Anxiety

pre-interview anxiety

No matter their experience, many interviewees sabotage their chances of having a successful job interview because they over-think, or don’t think enough because they are too consumed with worry.

To prevent the unnecessary and destructive anxiety that you feel leading up to your interview, consider these following job interview tips…   

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Job Seeker Dilemma: Should You Apply if Not 100% Qualified?


You’re looking for a new job, and you discover an amazing opportunity. The job looks like a great fit with your career direction and you want to be part of the team. One thing is holding you back, though: you don’t think you’re qualified.

What if your skills, experience, or education don’t align with the job description? Is it worth applying for if you don’t meet the requirements?

The short answer: Maybe.

Check out the following tips to help you decide if it’s worth your time and effort.    

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The 4 Mistakes That Lead to Job Search #Fail

Job Search Mistakes

When your job search efforts don’t translate into job interviews and offers, it’s time to figure out what isn’t working and change your strategy.

Check out these five common job search mistakes. Remove them from your repertoire, and you’ll increase your odds of landing a job offer.   

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The Top 5 Traits Recruiters Look for in Job Candidates


Great cover letter? Check. Perfect resume? Professionally approved! That’s all well and good and while it may have landed you an interview, it won’t get you hired.

Research shows that a majority of employers are looking for a “cultural fit” over hard skills. Universum, the employer branding firm that surveys over 400,000 students and professionals worldwide on career-related issues, pulled their data and compiled the top five personality traits employers look for in job candidates.   

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10 Key Questions to Ask When Scheduling Your Next Job Interview

Job Interview

Getting a call for an interview can be exciting!

So exciting, in fact, that we forget to ask for important information that can make the difference between a so-so performance… and one that leaves the recruiter with an amazing first impression.

Next time you have the opportunity to schedule an internship or job interview, consider asking these 10 key questions…   

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