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How to Put Strategic Skills Employers Want on Your Resume

strategic skills

If you’re going to rock the job market and get interviews, then you have to put strategic skills on your resume.

The goal is to hit the sweet spot of alignment between what you want and what employers want…   

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Have You Announced Your Graduation on LinkedIn Publisher?

linkedin grad

I just saw a creative and powerful use of LinkedIn Publisher!

Nicholas Anfeldt, a 2015 grad in Computer Security, announced his achievement to his 500+ member network. After seeing this unique use of Publisher, it occurred to me: LinkedIn Publisher is a top place to share your news. A no-brainer!

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4 Unique Ways to Reach a Hiring Manager on LinkedIn

inactive on Linkedin

A reader recently asked how to best use LinkedIn to reach a hiring manager he wants to pursue. The trouble: that hiring manager is basically inactive on the world’s largest professional network. Guessing that he’s not the only job seeker facing that challenge, I reached out for some actionable ideas: Find a Common Connection; Ask for an Email Introduction Career Coach Kolby Goodman suggests you first find a common connection and ask that person to introduce you to the hiring manager via email That request might look like this: Hi Lisa, I have been looking at various positions at [Company   

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College Grads Finish What They Start

Finish What You Start

A recent Washington Post story about college costs said that just over half of people who enter college leave with a bachelor’s degree. Thus, if you’re a recent grad, don’t miss the opportunity to highlight your ability to set and accomplish goals on your resume and in interviews.   

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The Biggest Mistake Most Job Seekers Make on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is now one of the biggest employment marketplaces in the world. Because of this, people called “sourcers” spend their lives on LinkedIn looking for candidates for their clients and employers to hire.

When sourcers find a likely prospect (this could be you!), they want to send them an email or call them. And they can’t. Why not?   

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9 Types of TMI in a Job Seekers LinkedIn Profile

The purpose of social media is to share information, right? It is indeed. But when it comes to finding an internship or job through social media, especially on LinkedIn, it’s possible to share Too Much Information (TMI). This can harm your job search. Here are 9 ways to run into TMI on your linkedIn profile.   

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