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Why LinkedIn Is Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

LinkedIn Power

Most people view their LinkedIn profile as a two-step process: Create an online resume then grow a virtual Rolodex of strangers.

Other members – those more actively leveraging LinkedIn’s power – understand that LinkedIn offers a far more stimulating and productive online experience. These users see LinkedIn as a personal marketing catalyst…   

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LinkedIn: Your Online Swiss Army Knife

At your fingertips is a dynamic, multi-faceted community tool that effectively markets your skills and your brand, connects you with decision makers, grows your audience, and invites hiring employers and clients to screen your credentials. Job seekers, employers, university career service administrators, recruiters and business owners all benefit from this device that helps hire the very best talent.

What is this all-in-one multi-tasking tool? LinkedIn, your online Swiss Army Knife!   

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The One-Two Punch: A Well-Written LinkedIn Profile and Resume

The resume used to be the most important tool to landing a new job. With an audience of 150 million users, however, the LinkedIn profile now stars as the powerful catalyst connecting job hunters with hiring managers and recruiters.

Your one-two punch as a young professional is a well-written resume and LinkedIn profile: Your “right cross” is an expertly prepared profile marketing your talents, while your targeted resume is the “left jab” in landing the job.

Put yourself ahead of the competition… be prepared with both!   

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LinkedIn Etiquette: Good Manners Make a Difference

One of LinkedIn’s most important attributes is to offer group members an opportunity to connect with alumni, business, employment, environmental, networking, non-profit, and sports colleagues, to name just a few.

Since LinkedIn is all about marketing yourself and reaching out to others, have you considered what kind of impression you’re making with something as simple as your invitation to connect? It’s all about etiquette.   

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3 Tips to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile’s Performance

I read an article recently published on entitled, “LinkedIn is Disrupting the Corporate Recruiting Market”. The article shared how LinkedIn has exploded from social networking to becoming a key destination for job hunting professionals wanting to be found by employers.

So this begs the question, “How is your LinkedIn profile – your first impression for those employers – performing?”Are you generating employer and recruiter traffic to your profile, along with invitations to interview?    

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The Benefits of Power Networking – Be a LinkedIn Connector!

Have you considered how you can best serve as a Connector to someone in your network needing a helping hand? … Use the power of Linkedin to make a powerful difference to someone who needs encouragement and hope. Be a Connector!   

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