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4 Ways to Strengthen Resilience During a Job Search


How do you strengthen resilience during the job search? When you get knocked down, how do you stay positive and engaged?

Here are four factors proven to strengthen your resilience in the job search…   

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How to Think on Your Feet at a Job Interview

quick thinking

You might assume that planning ahead to think on your feet at a job interview is a contradiction.   

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How To Be a Young Professional of Personal Substance

young professional

What are the qualities of someone of substance to which a young professional can aspire? Here are 6 elements that make a young professional of substance.   

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Finally: A Simple Step-by-step Guide to Employer Research

employer research

You’ve heard the advice a million times: “Before the interview, do your employer research.”

And yet one of the top complaints by recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals is that many candidates come in into an interview unprepared…   

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How to Stay Mentally Tough During Your Job Search


You’ve heard it before: “A job search is a full-time job in itself.” Of course, if you were applying for a job as  “Professional Job Searcher,” you would want to get really, really good at it. You’d want to overcome the competition and wow the employer. That means putting in the time, effort and energy to obtain the traits, attitudes and behaviors needed to succeed. And one of the most important traits: mental toughness. In their book, Developing Mental Toughness, Doug Styrcharczyk, and Peter Clough identify the “4 Cs” of being mentally tough. I’ve filtered them through the job search to prompt   

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5 Practical Tips for Transitioning from Classroom to Career

Classroom to Cubicle

After earning her degree, one of my daughters is facing that challenging post-college period when the summer partying is over, her friends are scattered up and down the country and the cold reality of ‘what’s next?’ takes center stage.

Sound familiar? If the answer to that question is yes, what practical actions can you take? What mindset would serve you best as you begin the job search in earnest?   

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