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The New Formula for Resume Success

Formula for Resume Success

I’ve read hundreds of articles on job searching… possibly even topping a thousand. By far, the one topic talked about most in these articles: resumes. And many of these articles recommend the use of action verbs, quantification and the direct impact of your contributions.

The goal: to show you did something that contributed directly to the bottom line of your previous employer…   

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The Single Most Powerful Question to Ask After the Interview

job interview question

One of the most common pieces of advice I’ve heard from recruiters and advisers: at the end of an interview, candidates should ask about any concerns or reservations the interviewers might have about hiring them, like this:

“After our conversation today, what concerns do you have about my ability to this job here at ?”

And I understand the purpose: If the recruiter does have concerns this is an excellent chance to address them on-the-spot…   

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Job Interview Ahead? Here’s 6 Ways to Make Yourself Memorable


HR blogger and columnist Liz Ryan wrote an excellent piece on LinkedIn, The Five Deadliest Job Interview Mistakes. And it occurred to me: These five mistakes all boil down to a single question:

Are you memorable?

Per Liz’s column, this could be memorable in either a good, or a bad way…   

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