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5 Reasons You Should Thank Your Job Search Competition

job search competition

In any economy, good or bad, you have a lot of competition for every job. The internet, social media and the rise of the global “gig economy” have only increased how hard you need to fight for every opportunity. Intimidated? Most people would answer “Yes!”   

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10 Career Success Skills That Require Zero Talent

career success skills require zero talent

If you haven’t yet discovered it, you will… achieving career success can be stressful. You have job responsibilities, deadlines to meet, office politics and the daily commute to navigate… all the while trying to have a life… going to the gym (sometimes), remembering to pay your rent on time, eating your broccoli like mom said to, oh, and maybe cramming in a relationship with friends and/or a significant other. Yes, building career success takes time and work. But, it’s way easier than you think – about 80 percent easier, to be precise! In fact, most of what you need to   

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The 30-day Challenge: What Can You Accomplish in One Month?


What’s your favorite TV show? Is it “The Voice”? “Monday Night Football”? Maybe a reality TV show like “Big Brother”? Take a moment to think about it… what show is your weekly go-to? For me, it’s “Gotham”, an hour-long series every Monday night on FOX. I love the way the characters are gradually being introduced… it creates suspense that the on-going plot is building toward a future comic book crescendo. Ok. Did you think of your weekly digital reality escape? Now I admit, that was kind of a trick question. And I’ll tell you why in a moment. First, though:   

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This Summer You’re Not “Just an Intern”


You’ve begun your summer internship. Now, how will you get the most out of the experience… and get a solid head start on your career?

Don’t settle by thinking of yourself as “just an intern.” Instead, co-manage your internship and the experience! Here are some ideas to get you started…   

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Rejected by LinkedIn: The Job Seeker Lessons Learned


I would love to work for LinkedIn. The company has a great product and is famous for treating its employees well; both reviews and surveys indicate the company has a good culture.

So, full of hope, I sent my resume and cover letter to apply for a marketing job at LinkedIn. They didn’t think I was good enough…   

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Want the Job? Solve My Problem!


No matter the job, the industry or the experience level, every hiring manager on the planet – whether they need a dishwasher or a VP of Rocket Science – has the same focus: Solve… My… Problem.

How does a candidate know the recruiter’s immediate problem? How do you determine what challenge are they trying to resolve by filling this position?   

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