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Uncommon Qualities of Truly Authentic Millennials

authentic millennials

Over the years, Gen Y has become the arbiter of authenticity. But if we demand “realness” from others, including business and world leaders, shouldn’t we also seek it in ourselves?

Below are 11 authentic traits I’ve observed among “uncommon” people in our generation. Do they describe you?   

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Filenames for Your Resume and Cover Letter: More Important Than You Think

filenames resumes and cover letters

For many job seekers, the filenames, titles, and URL names they provide employers are quite often more important than they think.

Because when recruiters and employers see vague attachments to your email or applications, they aren’t exactly to excited to open the files…   

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Following Up on a Competitive Job Application

competitive job application

The job market is a crowded place, especially for young adults. Although the job market is improving and becoming more employee friendly, there are still a lot of young professionals gunning for the same opportunities. When you send a competitive job application, you need every advantage possible. The application follow-up is one way to gain an edge and give you peace of mind. To help you do just that, here is a step-by-step guide to following up after submitting your job applications… Step 1: Lay Low for 24 Hours If someone responds via email and says, ‘Thanks for applying. We’ll   

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Job Search Success: The Right Resume Keywords Make All the Difference

right resume keywords

In today’s ultra-competitive job market, using the right resume keywords to identify yourself is more important than you know.

And in the crowded world of online job applications, your skill set matters above all…   

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How to Make First Five Minutes of Any Networking Conversation Count

networking conversation

Let me tell you a simple truth about any networking conversation…

in the first five minutes of any networking conversation, the smartest networkers do what no one expects: rather than talk about themselves, they only ask questions of others.   

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One-Page Resume: How to Clean House and Cut the Clutter

one-page resume

Let’s get one big idea out of the way right now. You should only submit a one-page resume. Period.

Anything longer and people become bored…   

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