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6 Bad LinkedIn Habits That Must Be Broken


As LinkedIn surpasses 300 million users, it clearly remains a powerful networking site where the benefits of social meet the needs of the professional.

Still, there seems to be some confusion on how to use LinkedIn; there are still several basic tenets of using LinkedIn that seem to go ignored. Specifically, we seem to be using Linked as we use Facebook or Twitter…   

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6 LinkedIn Habits to Quit: You’re Not on Facebook Anymore

There still seems to be some confusion on how to use LinkedIn.

More than anything, LinkedIn isn’t Facebook, it isn’t Twitter or any other Social Network for that matter. It is the most useful network on the planet for professionals and companies looking to hire the best talent. And if you want the other pros on LinkedIn to take you seriously, you need to avoid certain behaviors. Some of which are perfectly acceptable on other social networks.

So for best results, here are 6 things not to do on LinkedIn   

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Time for a Millennial to Speak for Millennials

Over the past few months I have closely followed the crowd as they speak about “The Millennial” as it relates to life, work, and social skills.

Article after article riddled with opinions, stereotypes, and generalizations about an entire generation that does little more than magnify the shortcomings and belittle the contribution that the next generation brings to society.

What are these supposed shortcomings? Well I’ve noted many but the general consensus are the following…I’ll entitle them “The Myths”:   

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5 Leadership Lessons You Can Only Get From Experience

YouTern is happy to present this guest blog by Daniel Newman. There’s an age old debate about whether or not leaders can be made, or if you have to be born that way.  Nevertheless, every year, countless professionals of all experience levels and all walks of life decide to invest in themselves to hopefully become the next great leader. There are a plethora of degrees, certificates, specializations, seminars and other educational means available to learners today. Often times, they are meant to serve as the next check mark in their road to prosperity. I challenge you to ask yourself what they   

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