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Job Search Gone Stale? Time for a Quick Resume Refresh

resume refresh

I hear the same situation over and over again from candidates of all levels – “I haven’t updated my resume in years!” It may be time for a resume refresh.

It goes without saying that you should keep your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn presence up-to-date…   

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Job Titles Can Make or Break Your Resume with Recruiters

job titles

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) and job boards alike utilize keyword-driven search functionalities to evaluate resumes and assess a candidate’s potential fit.

While you can’t always control job titles, you can determine how you are depicted on paper. Just as important, you can impact how your resume will be received by technology that depends on keywords.   

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Entry-Level Job Seekers: It’s Your Turn for Some Resume Tips

entry-level job

The term entry-level job typically refers to candidates with less than 5 years of professional experience, and includes those just starting out in their careers, as well as individuals in high school and college. For entry-level job seekers, putting together a resume poses a unique challenge in determining just what experience and attributes should go into a document.   

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LinkedIn Privacy Settings and How they Effect Your Job Search

linkedin privacy settings

While I’m all about increasing your online visibility during a job search, privacy and security are still concerns. This includes LinkedIn.

So it’s important to understand the options you have when it comes to your privacy.   

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Job Transition: What to Do When You Know It’s Time to Go

job transition

I have always found that the decision to quit your job often seems more painful than the doing it. It’s easy to spend days, weeks, and even months convincing yourself it’s the right time for a job transition.

But is it the right move?   

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Come Prepared to Ace Your Next Critical Job Interview!

critical job interview

Even the best resume can’t make up for sub-par interviewing skills. Confidence, communication, and ability to articulate your value are all key to moving toward the job offer, and preparation is the key to success.    

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