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Being the Most Qualified Candidate Does Not Guarantee You the Job

qualified candidate

Have you ever left an interview feeling you nailed it? That you would have to be offered the job because you proved you were the most qualified candidate? You wait for days (or weeks) only to hear you didn’t.

I am sure you have, and it’s not a nice feeling.   

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Why Are You Afraid to Tell Your Unique, Authentic Story?

authentic story

We tell stories every day, to family, friends and colleagues. Yet we hardly think of telling stories when we meet recruiters, hiring managers, potential employers, and even potential business partners.

Why? We are afraid; we don’t want anyone to label us as ‘braggarts.’ So we fail to tell your authentic story.


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Salary Negotiation: Never Fall Into this Trap!

salary negotiation

When it comes to salary negotiation, experts will tell you to postpone such discussions until you’ve been offered the job.

That does not mean you should wait until that time to craft your negotiation story.   

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5 Ways to Reduce Job Interview Stress (During the Drive There)

reduce job interview stress

Your big interview is close; anxiety is setting in. By the time you’re ready to commute to the interview, you’ll be one giant ball of stress. So how do you reduce job interview stress right before you shake hands with the interviewer?

To lessen your interview stress, here are seven things you can do during the drive to your next job interview…   

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The Truth About Adding Resume Color

resume color guide

Whether you are an executive, a manager or mid-career professional, in a tight job market you know you are competing against equally qualified candidates for the same position. What can you do with your resume (and your other career marketing documents) to differentiate you from your competitors? Infuse them with a tinge of color.   

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Win Job Interviews: Learn How to Play the Q & A Game

win job interviews

There’s too much at stake to call the job search a game… but there is a way to win job interviews.

And that starts with unraveling the mystery in each question, developing answers that showcase your accomplishments, and convince the interviewer you are the perfect person for the job.   

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