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Land Your Dream Job: 6 Steps to Writing a Highly Effective Resume

effective resume

An average of 250 resumes and 100 applications are received for each corporate job opening every day.

So, what does it take to stand out from the crowd and land your dream job? Writing an effective resume remains a good place to start…   

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A Job Search Playlist: The Solution to Your Job Search Problem [Infographic]

job search problem

We have instant access to countless apps to make everything simpler, from navigating traffic to finding coupons for the best deals and managing our music playlists. Indeed, these tools have made many aspects of our lives easier and more organized. And yet, many of us continue to struggle with a job search problem.   

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Opportunity Costs: Choices and Sacrifices in Your Job Search

opportunity costs

Life is full of choices and for each decision we make, there are inevitably going to be multiple alternatives sacrificed. In business, this is known as the principle of opportunity costs. It is essentially, the cost of taking one course of action over another.   

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How To Make Your Job Application Stand Out from the Competition

job application stand out from the competition

Since each job opening is designed to hire exactly one person, separating yourself is an absolute necessity in the face of intense competition. Do you know how much competition you are facing, though? ERE Media reports that recruiters receive 250 applicants for an open position on average.   

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Job Interview Etiquette: 4 Important Tips Backed by Science

interview etiquette

Most people have a fairly good idea of the right job interview etiquette.

But is there any prep you’re missing? We don’t just mean run-of-the-mill, common or garden variety advice. We’re talking about advice backed by science. Here are four data-backed interview tips to help you land the job of your dreams…   

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The Top 11 Problems Faced by the Modern Job Seeker

modern job seeker

From crappy resumes to terrible interviews, these 11 issues keep popping up for the modern job seeker.

Too bad, because the job market remains tough. Not as bad as it was in 2009 when nearly one in every 10 Americans were unemployed. But even in today’s job market, most jobs have dozens of qualified applicants…   

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