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Blow Up Your Early Career: Find the “Inner Bomb”


“The best advice I got early on in my career is that being an entrepreneur, whether you like it or not, you have to pretend like you’re the bomb all the time.”

I love the advice to pretend like “you are the bomb”. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a employee…find your inner bomb. You do have something to offer.   

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20-Something Career Advice: “How Often Should I Change Jobs?”

Change Jobs

Many I talk to think that they should change jobs every two years… which surprised many 40-somethings with whom I recently discussed the subject of job change.

Today I’m sharing some thoughts on changing jobs from both 40-somethings and 20-somethings who have made transitions…   

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Nail the Job Interview Before You Get There

Today’s advice is from a 40-something woman who always amazes me with her confidence and belief in her own power (and belief that every woman has power but some just don’t realize it). She is not one to let luck take credit for her success.

So from a self-proclaimed awesome interviewer, with the record to prove it, here are her tips on how to be prepared for the process:   

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Young Professionals: How Long Must You “Pay Your Dues”?

Q. My question is about paying your dues – how much should you give to get to where you might go? At what point to you say, I’ve got what it takes and deserve to get a job without paying dues? – 20-something

A. Faster than when we grew up but not as fast as you think.   

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For Career Success: Respect Your Own Strengths

We’re all wired differently. We have different strengths and weaknesses. Success in your career comes from a balance between striving to be respected for what you can do, and trying to be something you are not. So, to succeed… play to your strengths.   

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Need Advice on Your Career? It’s Simple… Just Ask!

This weekend I had the fun opportunity to be a fly on the wall at a mini-reunion of eight 40 year old women who went to college together. Many of them went on to live together in Chicago and now they  hail from Chicago, Pittburgh, Nashville, Minnesota and New York City. I was invited to join them for brunch and turn their stories of hi-jinks and high feelings into hindsight. They have shared the laughter and low-points of discovering career, love and family and how to sync it all up. While their lives have taken different twists and turns, a   

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