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7 Tips to Help You Nail Your Next Internship Interview

Internship Interview

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing students for internship positions at my company. I really enjoyed their enthusiasm; it reminded me of my days as an intern and a college student preparing for interviews. Now I’m sure back in my early days, I wasn’t an excellent interviewee. I had a lot to learn.

That being said, there are some job interview basics you should have down. Knowing these will immediately increase your chance for internship interview success.   

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Unlike College, Work Won’t Have a Syllabus


A few months after graduation, in my first real-world job, I received a piece of feedback from my boss on my performance. It seems although I was out of school, I was still in college mode.

This is an important lesson for all new, or soon to be, graduates. When you get to work the first week, there will be no printed sheet of deadlines and expectations.

Now don’t panic. All the information you need to make a stellar work syllabus for yourself exists in your organization; you just have to find it.   

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8 Important Career Tips for Millenials (From a Millenial)

Millenial Career Tips

I recently hit the one year mark of my current job position. Having only held short internship roles, then shorter-term rotational roles, this was a big milestone for me.

This was also a good time to reflect on some of the career lessons learned from the past year. What worked? What didn’t? What did I learn?

From my personal experience, here are 8 important career tips… for Millennials, from a Millennial…   

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