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Trust: The One Thing Even More Important than Experience

Trust More Important Than Experience

There’s one thing that matters more than your experience – do you know what it is?

Now, it may seem counter-intuitive to focus on something instead of your experience – after all, isn’t that what your linkedin profile is all about?   

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8 Traits That Help Answer “Why Should I Hire You?”


Someone who knows how to get hired is the Millennial CEO, Dan Newman. He’s the guy who got to the Big Chair before his 30th birthday – and not at a company he founded.

What’s his secret for job search success? Dan’s answer is simple: create a compelling answer to the interview question that trumps them all: “Why should I hire you?”   

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The Perfect Personal Networking Tool: The Starbucks Pitch


“People don’t want to talk to me,” Joe Nemmers explains. A compact and athletic father of two boys, Joe is one of the most easygoing and amiable people I’ve ever met. Nobody wants to talk to you? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

“It’s because”, Joe says, “I’m a realtor.”   

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Use Numbers to Create a Resume that Gets Results


ompanies of all shapes and sizes hire one thing (and one thing only): solution providers. And how do you show you are a solution provider?


Numbers define the size and scope of your previous employer, position, and contribution. Your accomplishments, both past and potential, are defined by these numbers. Employers, when looking for solution providers, specifically look for these numbers…   

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This is Why Your Personal Branding is NOT Working


Everyone today is a brand. We have to be, because personal branding is vital to the way people treat us, pay us and follow our ideas.

Despite what seems to be popular opinion, however, having a great linkedin profile and connecting via twitter and Facebook is not personal branding…   

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Why Millennials Can’t Communicate

Here’s why Millennials can’t communicate: Cathryn Sloane, a recent University of Iowa grad, has found herself in the middle of a social media controversy. In essence, she argues that the only people that understand how to use social media and online communication tools are under the age of 25. I’m saddened by her article, and the responses she has received. Here’s why:   

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