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13 Can’t-Miss Career Planning Tips for College Students

career plan

To build a good career takes dedication… you can get there with proper career planning and self-reflection. On the contrary, a miss-step in choice may lead to a frustrating life without meaning.

The earlier you begin to plan for a career, the more likely you are to succeed. College is an ideal time to begin. And you don’t even need a major or specific career direction in mind, yet. The key… is to get started!   

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Workplace Introverts Unite! Your Time Has Come…

Introvert Definition

So, you’re described as an “introvert.” That’s kind of like a wallflower, right?

No, you say? Well, that’s pretty much what says…

However, experts like Susan Cain, Lisa Petrilli, and Marti Olsen Laney offer a new definition for introvert…   

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Why You Need LinkedIn… Even When You’re Not Job Searching


Have you ever been contacted on LinkedIn with an opportunity, job prospect, or recommendation? If not, is that something you would like? To show you what’s possible, here are just a few of the opportunities that were brought my way because of LinkedIn:   

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UnCover a Company’s Culture: 25 Questions You Can Actually Ask Recruiters

You usually do a good job answering the recruiter’s questions, but draw blanks at the end of the interview when they ask, “Any questions for us?”

You are thinking “of course I do.” And you reply, “No, your site did a good job answering everything I was wondering.”

You pray the smiling faces on their site aren’t fake and that you’ll end up fitting in like a glove.

Only to find out two weeks later your boss is an egotistical suit monkey and your coworkers make calls while looking for new opportunities.

Well, this doesn’t have to happen. Here are a few questions to keep handy for your next interview.   

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What a Photo Snapping Macaque Taught Me About Courage

…it got me thinking, “I wish I could conquer my fears like a macaque.” Yes, I want to devolve and be more like a monkey. Here’s why.   

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