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The 10 Scariest Job Seeker Mistakes Ever [Infographic]

10 Scariest Job Seeker Mistakes

Plenty of job seekers fail to realize that even the smallest mistakes have a huge impact on their success. The failure to do pre-interview research, grammatical errors in emails, or even having what is perceived as an unenthusiastic attitude will all leave you struggling to keep up in the frightening world of unemployment.

Your job search doesn’t have to be scary, though. As shown in this infographic from Careerleaf, proper preparation can help you avoid the ten scariest job search mistakes…   

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Company Culture: Directly Connected to Job Search Success


The pressure of finding a new job quickly can leave job seekers feeling like they must apply to every job they find open… when you’re frustrated and broke, anything seems better than unemployment.

What most panicked job seekers fail to understand is that seeking out a position at an organization without researching its culture could potentially set you up for failure – leading you right back to unemployment…   

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Job Seekers: Do’s and Don’ts of Saying “Thank You” [INFOGRAPHIC]

In step with Thanksgiving tradition, many of us are reflecting on little ways to express how thankful we are.

However, don’t save your expressions of gratitude for just prior to digging into your Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, use this opportunity to amp up your job search by setting yourself apart from the competition with the way you say “thanks”.   

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