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4 Essential Skills to Help You Avoid Professional Discomfort

professional discomfort

Looking back, my first job was one that almost any new graduate would have loved to land.

But this was my first taste of personal and professional discomfort…   

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Personal Brands: How to Develop a Powerful Online Persona

personal brands

With the explosion of social media over the past decade, real-time networking has brought personal brands to the forefront.

Here are five tips to help build your personal brand (and to influence others within your business to build theirs)…   

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Elevator Pitch Mistakes that Keep Your Career on the Ground

elevator pitch mistakes

Sometimes getting ahead in this world isn’t about climbing the corporate ladder. Sometimes it’s about knowing how to use the elevator. The elevator pitch… that is. Whether your starting your own business or applying for your dream job, your elevator pitch can make all the difference. We turned to some successful entrepreneurs for tips on how to avoid common elevator pitch mistakes that will keep your career from ever getting off the ground.   

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5 Classic Mistakes to Avoid When Asking for That Big Promotion

big promotion

Your heart’s beating faster as you walk into your boss’s office. You’re here to ask for a raise.

This is the big one: the one where you ask for an extra 10, 15, or even 20% more in salary… the big promotion.   

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The Paper Resume: Not the Best Way to Impress During a Job Search

paper resume

I’ve now spent more time on the other side of the table interviewing and hiring job applicants.

So now I’ve come to see the paper resume as just one small component of a much larger picture…   

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Mentorship: 3 Undervalued Benefits of Serving as a Mentor


After many wonderful mentoring experiences, I’ve learned how valuable and humbling it is to take on the role of a mentor. I can only hope that my mentees have gotten as much out of the experience as I have.

After all, mentoring has made me both a better manager, colleague and person.   

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