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6 Words and Statements That Can Ruin Your Professional Resume

professional resume

Among all the hiring related application materials, the professional resume continues to play an immensely crucial role.

The reason most resumes end up in the rejected file? Using the wrong words.   

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Customized Cover Letters Get You Noticed and Get You Hired

customized cover letters

Searching for a job can be time-consuming. It’s tempting to cut corners and send a mass-produced letter, but doing so can hurt your chances of making the first cut and landing a first interview. Customized cover letters can be the first step in getting hired.   

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10 Questions to Help You Decide: Is This the Right Job for Me?


You get a call from the perfect company for the perfect job. But before you get too carried away with interview prep, it’s important to understand that your ultimate goal in the interview is NOT to get the job.

Instead your goal is to figure out if you WANT the job….   

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10 Questions You’ll Encounter in That First Call from a Recruiter

th (18)

The phone rings… it’s a recruiter!

You’re both excited and petrified. You’ve been waiting for this call, but you don’t have much experience at this. You don’t know the rules. You don’t have any idea what they are going to ask!   

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Finally: Job Search Advice from Someone Who Cares

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I’ve reviewed countless resumes, and by far the biggest challenge is filtering through the high percentage of applications destined for the reject pile.

Mind you, I don’t enjoy rejecting anyone! But when there’s only one position to fill, often with narrow qualification criteria, it’s inevitable that a large majority of applicants won’t make it…   

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8 Do’s and Don’ts for Peak Networking on LinkedIn


With social recruiting on the rise, a poor or inappropriate online presence can be a potential turn-off for recruiters (not to mention the impact it will have on your networking).

This is especially true on LinkedIn, where 9 out 10 recruiters will go to learn more about you, so here are my top eight do’s and don’ts for peak networking on the world’s largest professional network…   

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