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Move Your Career Forward: “Side Hustles” That Pay Fast

You might be in a job just because you need something to pay the bills. Or maybe you enjoy the job you’re doing, but you’re working at a pay rate that doesn’t meet all your needs.

The good thing is, there’s a way to do a side hustle without the drawbacks of burning yourself out or taking all of your free time. And I’m here to show you how…guaranteed (see end of the post).   

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Top Ten Reasons You Need to Quit Your Soul Sucking Job

It’s Monday morning and you just woke up.

You’d love to bite on some tasty pancakes, but unfortunately your stomach is in a knot from the stress of thinking about going to work.

And before long, another year has passed and you realize once again, you’re at the same job, with the same position, and the same grumpy manager.

Well, today is the day you fight back. No more excuses for letting life pass you by.

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3 Resume Secrets Worth Stealing From Leonardo da Vinci’s CV

Back in the middle ages you still had many of the same career challenges that you have today.

You could have been the world’s finest painter, mason, or philosopher, but you still had to convince someone to pay you. After all, the Duke of Buckingham was probably busy knighting lords and you didn’t have the luxury of sending him a link to your online portfolio.

So what could you do to get a job back then? The same thing you do today, write the good old trusty, centuries old resume.

And if you don’t believe that’s what they did, then here’s a picture of Leonardo’s resume for your own eyes.   

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The Coming War on Jobs

… there’s one issue I’m most concerned about and it could make all the difference. It’s the war on jobs. Since 2008, job concern has been impacting almost every other issue we face in this country. Taxes, social security, and health care suddenly don’t matter as much if we don’t have the “good jobs” to support them in the first place. Sometimes, growing up in the American superpower, we have become ignorant of the effect diminishing jobs can have on a country.   

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How Managers Make Promotion Decisions (Infographic)

Lot’s of people are good at their jobs, but not everyone is blessed with the talent to lead or communicate effectively with a team.

And that’s why they continue running their cash registers, cleaning their floors, or making their cold calls. Ironically, reality TV actually demonstrates this concept PERFECTLY. Watch one episode of Undercover Boss and I’ll have you convinced.   

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The Art of Storytelling For Remarkable Leaders

How many people do you meet, and in five minutes, have you crying like a baby because you feel so connected?

Not often…right?

Andrew Stanton, the writer behind the Toy Story movies and more recently John Carter, shared the art behind story telling.

But it’s not just good advice for stories. It’s good advice for leaders who want to engage and motivate people.

Presidents, CEO’s, and even religious leaders understand the power of storytelling. They use it in their speeches, communication, and sermons.

It’s something that appeals to our human nature.   

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